To ensure mold on time delivery to customer and quality control, we set up a internal procedure for every tool building project. We take your project as a custom made product and to verify that each mold building detail are meeting your need.

Our Tool Building Process:

  1. Receive 2D or 3D CAD files into Chun-YZ for tool building evaluation.
  2. Compare part print to model to identify critical and significant dimensions or features, and then review with customer as production needed.
  3. Develop the preliminary drawing/design.
  4. Offer the drawing/design for customer's review, including engineering solutions for molding, optimize production cavity, runner design, ejector pin location, mold cooling system layout, and best die cast machine in use, receive feedback.
  5. Complete the final tool layout design for customer approval.
  6. Receive Customer approval and provide tooling development schedule.
  7. Begin tool construction. Provide weekly report progress of tool construction tool completion. Provide sample parts from new tool and parts dimensional report.
  8. Ship the new mold to customer.